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"Any of Those Things" Lyrics (one of Darren’s new songs)


The last time you were mine

I was just a kid

I didn’t know there were consequences for what I did

There were times it was good

But when it got bad

I didn’t have much but I gave you everything I had

Cut to today

I’ve lived enough to know that love is such a mess

I have to say

That seeing you with someone new has got me pretty curious


Is he gonna kiss you in the rain

Is he gonna cook on Sunday

Is he gonna love you, no he won’t

Do any of those things

Is he gonna take you when he knows

That it’s out of his way

Is he gonna miss you, no he won’t

Do any of those things



No he won’t do any of those things


Remember there was a time

When we used to laugh

You said nobody else could make you do that

Sometimes I got it right 

Even when I got it wrong

I really thought that you meant

I was the only one

Cut to today

I see you smiling with a diamond on your hand

I know that face

I can see you’re hiding

You’re hiding something he won’t understand



Something in me

Is still in you

Do you feel in too

So I’m asking

Are you in love

And is this really you?



No he won’t do any of those things


No he won’t do any of those things

(Let me know if you hear anything different and I’ll double check and change it. Especially stuff with question marks because that means WHAT IS HE EVEN SAYING SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. Thanks guys!)

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